Fady Elkomos

I was looking for a new experience, and here I get the space of acceptance.. Learn the change is applicable.. Realize how unique everyone is.. Know the obstacle is the fear we create in ourselves.. and what the rules of the play .. The value of flexibility.. and dealing with life.

It’s very rich journey to have and live. I believe that coaching changes vision for the life.

Coaching Approach: 

Coaching is fundamentally dialogical, so there is a lot of talking involved, but we may also perform exercises, work with emotions, play, draw, meditate, watch movies or whatever it takes to help you achieve the most out of each session.

CFE starts with your stories, from your lived experience. We work together to understand these stories and understand how they can be transformed. Usually within this process we uncover many assumptions and beliefs that are directing your story in certain ways. We examine these beliefs critically, keep what is valid, and fix what is not.

We also make sure that you are always involved in action. You act to change your story, and learn from your actions to inform your beliefs.

Everyone is welcome to be a coachee and get the new vision. Initially the journey will take from 4-6 months to be extended if needed.

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