Hend Wanas

I am a senior project manager in a reputable multinational organization, Studied Mass communication , Started my master at the age of 21 , been a leader since I was 23 , been the youngest manager in my organization at the age of 24 , tri-lingual as I speak two foreign languages in addition to my native one  

Certified ITIL expert , PMP and other technical certification , started my career at the very early age of 19 and have been selected as one of 15 female leaders around the globe in my organization for a special leadership program in Paris, A steering committee member and founder  of our global female network with a focus on female leadership and help women overcome their glass ceiling   had a satisfying  professional career since

Like they say all those who wonder are not lost , I have been on a journey of self-discovery , self -actualization and persuing my purpose in life before I decided to become a coach

I was gifted by a turning point in 2012 , I would say 2011 was challenging both on the national and personal level , but 2012 was a turning point in my life and it was the reason I was guided to pursue my passion towards spirituality practices , self-healing , self-actualization and how I can be of benefit to myself , others and the community through this approach

In This year I have experienced a loss of a loved one , engagement and long term relationship break-up and a life threatening car accident 

After all those traumatic events , spent some sabbatical time , questioning my life path , looking for my passions and purpose in life

I was guided to places and people started my journey in self-healing , yoga and meditation practices

Followed my long time interest and passion to lead a healthy nutritious life and started my journey as a wellness coach

Have had another turning point in 2015 in which I was guided to a personal coaching session of life path based on an ancient Egyptian methodology in which I was enlightened  to combine both , my strong business aspect , my teaching path , my spiritual and wellness knowledge , passion and studies into one approach to capitalize on my passions and follow my purpose in life

In which I have chosen to achieve , and started my practice as an Emancipation Life Coach with a unique spiritual approach to help individuals and corporates lead a passionate , balanced and satisfying careers and lives

Coaching Approach: 

I am an Emancipation Life Coach with a unique guided spiritual approach to help individuals lead a passionate, balanced , passionate and satisfying careers and lives

I beleive this approach would support individuals to guide themsleves to their own emanicipation , slef-actualization and persue their purpose in life 

This have been quite a roller coaster that I have enjoyed every bit of it and looking forward to pass on my expertise and knowledge to individuals and corporates

Qualifications and Experience: 

My certificates and path as a coach :

Emancipation Life Coach

Certified ITIL Expert 

Certified Project Managment professional 

Female intercultural Leadership and skill managment tutor 

Certified Heart Math Coach

Certified Chromatic Healer

Sufi , color and mindfulness Meditation guide

Crystal Healing Expert and practitioner  

In the process of certifying for PLR Hypnosis and Thea healing

Coaching Hours: 
22 hours
6 coachees
CFE Rank: 
Human Gene
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