Mary Ehab

I am a life coach (trainee)offering free coaching sessions. I am part of the "Human Gene" community, using a method called Coaching for Emancipation"CFE" that aims to support the individual's growth and learning in any aspect of his/her life. 

Coaching Approach: 

It is a journey that typically takes about 6 months where we will meet every month for 1 hour or more. 

During this journey we will be using CFE methods that will help you to re-discover yourself, your potential and have more self awareness that will lead to find your path in life.

You will be able to express yourself freely and without being judged. Everything you will share (names, personal information, stories..etc) will be kept between us, 

The journey will start once you decide that you want to change your life and find your way by yourself.

Let's explore together how you create the life you want to live. 



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