Nadine Emile

Around 15 years ago I started volunteering in different activities/initiatives having human development as a central theme. I was then exposed to art, as a theatre and film student and then as a performer, director and later as a trainer. I was always questioning the deeper ability of art in transforming someone’s perception and view of oneself and the world. That’s why I recently joined different groups who work with theatre as a way of individual and collective healing and growth; groups working in Playback Theatre (a form of theatrical improvisation that is based on people's stories) and Psychodrama (an action method, in which people use spontaneous dramatization, role playing and dramatic self-presentation to investigate and gain insight into their lives).

Participating in CFE in 2012 was the trigger of my journey towards being myself. As a CFE coach/co-researcher, I learned a lot about myself, my patterns and discovered a lot about the dynamics of the world. One of the most important realizations at that time was that “oppression” is not a big word that is far away from us. Oppression exists in different dosages and forms and can create and/or imprison a person in a self that is not his/hers. Through coaching and other performance based practices, I began a healing journey and It made me realize that I love to work with groups and individuals helping them to do the same; to be their real selves and hence living life fully.

Coaching Approach: 

Supporting you in your journey of being fully alive inspires me as coach. Following the CFE model, we will enter in a journey of awareness, discoveries, criticality, empowerment, support and development; a journey towards finding and being your true Self.  

This will entail one on one talks, questions, exercises, games, tasks, performance based techniques and whatever tool that will work best for you at that time.

We will work in sessions ranging from 6 to 7, one session per month; each session will be around 2 hours max. This might vary according to each person.

Because I am in a state of constant research, while still being faithful to the general framework of CFE, I might use other methodologies depending on your journey. I will also work with a supervisor to enrich my practice and to become a better coach for you; your identity will be strictly confidential.

Qualifications and Experience: 


  • Accredited Playback Theatre practitioner by the Arab School of Playback Theatre.
  • Currently training in a 3 year program of Psychodrama Facilitation.
  • Enjoyed working the most as a choreographer or actress in story telling performances, Rainbow قوس قزح  2014 and Bussy monologues 2010.
  • Worked as an actress and facilitator with people with disabilities in unique experiences that combine abled and disabled artists.
  • Organized several youth camps, coached and led different youth groups part of a youth development social activity.
  • BA in Mass Communication, minor in Film and Theatre (AUC)
Coaching Hours: 
30 hours
3 coachees
CFE Rank: 
Human Gene
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Face to face sessions
Free sessions
Paid sessions