Nora Seoudi

I'm a spiritual being passing through a human experience.

Within my environment, I have always been questioning if I am the only person who struggles to establish her inner peace, as others seemed to be strong enough to cope with what life brings. These thoughts stimulated a feeling of solitude, which made me visualize myself as a single plant that is struggling to grow within tight boundaries while surrounded by solid rocks. After some deep thinking, I realized that people are not the rocks. Rather, people are also plants that try to find their way out from between the rocks.

Through coaching, People can discover and use their own skills to emancipate from a society that undermines their freedom and power.

It's a tough journey yet worth the effort and the inner work.

Coaching Approach: 

Setting a comfortable and empowering environment where people can express themselves freely.

Helping coachees -through listening and asking questions- to discover their  objectives and meet them using their skills.

Qualifications and Experience: 

Through my life journey, I've experienced life coaching (as a coachee), psychodrama, psychotherapy and spiritual guidance; which qualified me to understand human feelings.

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