Nouran Khairy Mohamed Outiba

My name is Nouran My age is 30 My Major study was Computer Engineering. I have been searching for my passion since I graduated. I began to learn how to Proffissionally help people while working with Dr.Hany Shoukry in his PHD research team since 2011. I remember my self and how I wasn't able to listen to anybody for more than one minute and how i felt responsible for any problem I hear. Now, After 1 year of studying in school of counciling under supervision of "Suzy Lotfy" and 4 Years of knowing the concepts of coaching of emancipation initiated by Dr.Hany Shoukry.I noticed how I was changed and how we should hear the spoken words & the unspoken ones. I learned that growing is a personal decision u can't push anyone to do. Aslo, Advise is not an option.Everyone is the best one to decide what is more suitable for him. I am getting ready to make this a Proffissional career so I need to practice. If you could like to invite me to join you searching for your best self It will be my pleasure.

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Humangene &بيت المشورة
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