Silvana George

Discovering coaching was one of my life triggers, it is a very rich experience for me and hopefully for those with whom we go through the journey, I believe that what makes my life better is getting to know more and more about myself. Coaching helped me in my inner journey in a structured scientific way, and now I get to help others do the same.

Coaching Approach: 
  • It is a journey (often around 6-months) that starts with you deciding what you want to change and/or work on in your life, what you really want to improve and/or discover about yourself.
  • Contact me to agree to meet once a month for two hours, and we start working according with the CFE model.
  • I work with a supervisor to reflect on my practice. P.S. your Identity is confidential, even to my supervisor.

Once a coachee told me: “I got the coaching trick, will play it myself”.

Coaching Hours: 
60 hours
5 coachees
CFE Rank: 
Human Gene
Based In: 
Would support: 
Face to face sessions
Free sessions
Phone sessions