Coach Profiles

Founder of Human Gene and the Coaching for Emancipation framework. Experienced coach with 20 years experience of working with individuals and groups to support their learning and their journeys towards becoming fully human and fully alive.
A Radio Anchor, Artist and Theatre/Contemporary dance trainer; I worked in various contexts having human development and expression as a central theme. I joined the CFE community to ask the needed questions and support people in their journey towards self realization and hence becoming fully alive.
Joined Coaching for Emancipation to help people help themselves in their lives’ journey, by finding answers to their questions & fulfilling their potentials. I aspire to keep doing this, & to help expand the concept & the practice.
I have experienced new areas as a coach working with individuals-in the coaching for emancipation journey- and support the coachee to get where she/he want
بشتغل اخصائية اجتماعية في مدرسة دى لاسال - الفرير مع أطفال ابتدائى، ومتطوعة في جمعية لتكوين الشباب في مرحلة ثانوى. بشارك في تدريبات المدرسين الجدد والاخصائين الاجتماعين في المدارس الكاثوليكة المصرية
I work as a program coordinator in a Cultural NGO. I started working as a CFE coach after volunteering as a coach/co-researcher in the coaching for emancipation research project.
Since 2010, I have been working with women from different countries living in Germany and facing cultural-identity issues. I use Psycho-synthesis, Art Therapy and CFE models.
I'm passionate about helping people to grow through discovering the good in their selves and to live according to their real inner human who sometimes being oppressed
I believe in people, i am a learning design witch, poet and a wanderer, and "not all those who wander are lost.." أؤمن ان الله حررنا و ليس لأحد أو لفكر او لصوت أن يأسرنا
Human beings are like treasure, you need to dig deep to discover the glory and this is what coaching is all about.
I strive to gain skills and wisdom to grow while maintaining my humanity in its pure and transparent form. I coach anyone who aims to be herself/himself and discover the great power within.
I'm a supervisor in the field of tourism. I believe in humanity , unconditional love & the enormous power within each human being. I'm willing to accompany & support any person throughout the emancipation journey.
أؤمن أن كل شخص لديه القدرة على إكتشاف وتمييز نقاط قوته والإعتماد عل النقاط المضيئة بداخله لتقوم بحمله لمرحلة أخرى من الإكتشافات فى الحياة
I am passionate about helping people move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give them the life they really want, not what others want. My aim is to support you to reach your goal whatever it is and change your life by exploring your inner self and the world, thus achieving your ambitions to grow and become free and fruitful.
If you have the will to change or to overcome a problem … I would like to support you on that journey.
أؤمن أن كل منا لديه قوة كامنة قد لا يجيد اكتشافها بنفسه اهتم أن اساعد من يريد أن يبدأ هذه المسيرة الشخصية
I believe everyone of us is precious and unique....CFE is a way to find and explore your own treasure "yourself". And I would love to be a witness and support during your own journey.
I am currently holding a position senior project manager - regional sales and Marketing Europe in Orange Business Services Studied Mass communication , Started my master at the age of 21 , started holding lead positions since I was 23 , been the youngest manager in my organization at the age of 24 , multilingual as I speak two foreign languages in addition to my native one Certified ITIL expert , PMP and other technical certification , started my career at the very early age of 19 and have been selected as one of 15 female leaders around the globe in my organization for a special female leadership program in Paris, A steering committee member and founder of our global female network
....اللفهة للحب ...الشغف للمعرفة...الشفقة لمعاناة البشر تلك هى حياتى.... قالها احد الفلاسفة واجدها تعبر عنى بشدة فأنا أحب الناس وأجد سعادتى فى أن أكون سببا فى تخفيف معاناتهم كلما أمكننى ذلك
I am Safy , I am an Engineer since 2006 To talk to a coach is to talk to your self,To see a wider view of where you are. We help you to find your passion, Fulfill your dreams, Touch your true you and Head a step forward.