On finding freedom

On my path, I have found people to be in different phases of their journey to freedom.

On the far end, heading towards the wrong direction, I found people who promote barriers, limits and rules. They can't stand human diversity and choice. They find their role in imposing on people what they shouldn't be doing, wearing and saying, they spend their time convincing people that they are worthless, incapable, and disgraced. To this group, I always offered hate and contempt, sometimes forgetting that they are themselves slaves of their own limiting beliefs. I feel threatened by their existence, as much as they feel threatened by mine. So in that - at least - we're equals.

In a second group, fall the majority of people I have met on my way. These are people who don't see their own freedom and potential, they surrender to barriers and perceptions set by others, and to limiting beliefs they have embraced about themselves. They often think that this is as good as it gets. They spend their lives in small talks and temporary seeking. I often looked at this group as a father who sees his children, with patronizing love that wants to save them from their own stupidity. I often forgot, how blessed they are with living moments of true happiness that I ought to have learnt from them.

In a third group, where I have been dwelling for the past few years, I find people believing in the unlimited richness of life, well aware of the illusion of barriers, well determined to live fully. In this group though, I always found pain, suffering and despair; cause the search for freedom seemed hard and too expensive. Many nights I have stayed awake in this suffering, though praising myself with being on the path of freedom, a warrior of the light. I am now discovering that there is no path, there is no war, there is nowhere to go, or nothing yet to become, because it's all there already, freedom and the full richness of life.

Have I ever seen anyone on my path who can see and live their own freedom, who are no more worried or challenged by their limiting beliefs or their social pressures?

I have definitely met people who seem not to be afraid of anything, they can do and say whatever they want. I keep wondering though, whether they have found real freedom, or instead, a convenient escape in their exaggerating behaviors. I keep questioning whether their apparent carelessness is courage or denial. I keep asking, because, with many of them, I feel they belong to that first group I described above, only with a different agenda.

Does anyone belong to any single category at any given time? Or are we all playing different roles with each other?

And you my reader, how do you see it? Have you found your freedom yet?