What we do

We develop methods, programmes, and knowledge that aim to help individuals grow, with a focus on understanding how socially oppressive environments can affect people, and how they can liberate themselves from such effects.

Our roadmap is continuously updated, please find below some of our programmes:

Coaching is a great way to support the development of individuals and groups. Coaching For Emancipation (CFE) is a specially developed theoretical and practical framework of coaching that addresses the question of development in the context of oppression.

We train coaches on the method, and offer them a comprehensive eco-system to ensure their practice is continuously improved as well as the wellbeing of their coachees.

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Life101 is an integral training programme of around 100 hours of training. Tracing the story from the beginning of the universe, through the whole history of humankind, with a breadth that covers natural sciences, social sciences, technology, art, religion, philosophy and literature, and a depth that goes from macro economics through social psychology, to a focus on the unique experience of every individual. It is a basic introduction that aims to open individuals to the full possibilities of engaging with life.

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Developmental efforts are often focused on action, with little knowledge being documented or created, and limited voice for those benefiting from the work. We help practitioners to transform their work into collaborative research projects - using methods like Participatory Action Research (PAR) and Cooperative Inquiry (CI) - where action generates knowledge, and knowledge drives action, and where everyone involved in the change process becomes both a learner and a contributor in it.

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We are also happy to provide advice and support to organisations or practitioners who want to develop programmes with similar purposes and to integrate them as part of the Human Gene initiatives.